Dealers sell fuel for N170 per litre in Enugu

FUEL dealers in Enugu have turned down the directive by President Goodluck Jonathan to reduce pump price of petrol to N97 per litre.

Apart from the NNPC mega station that complied with the new price regime, major and independent marketers in the state declined as they continued to sell fuel between N165 and N170 per litre.

Most stations owned by major marketers remained shut throughout yesterday even as their dispensing pumps still read N141.50.

Only stations operated by the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, IPMAN, had fuel which they have consistently sold at cut-throat prices.

Some operators interviewed claimed that the products they had were procured after the removal of subsidy and as such could not sell at the new pump price.

Some residents interviewed grumbled over the exploitative tendencies of Enugu fuel marketers who have the culture of disobeying government’s directive on pricing of petroleum products.

They said that unless the marketers were forced to comply, they would continue to sell above the approved pump price under the flimsy excuse that new product procured at the new rate was yet to arrive the state.

They however asked officials of Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR in the state to enforce the directive of the President without delay in order to reduce the hardship which the masses had experienced on account of the fuel subsidy crisis.

It would be recalled that the operators adjusted their pump prices upward few minutes after the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory  Agency, PPPRA, announced withdrawal of subsidy on January 1

….It’s N160 per litre in Anambra

MOST filling stations in Anambra State were still selling petrol at N160 per litre yesterday, with the NNPC mega stations which sold at N97 witnessing long queues.

Some of the station attendants said they were directed to sell at the old price as what they had in stock was old stock.

Though the queues at the mega stations were unusually long, motorists waited patiently for their turns.

Many workers also reported for duty yesterday and spent the greater part of the day cleaning their offices, just as the banks recorded large number of customers.

Motor parks in the state were jam-packed as many people who returned home for Christmas and New Year celebrations and were trapped in the wake of the fuel subsidy strike had started returning to their stations.

Transport fares were still high as the commuters coughed out N7,000 for a journey to Lagos and Abuja by bus.

….Black market thrives at N200 per litre in Abia

FOLLOWING the announcement of N97 as new pump price of petrol by President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday, most petrol stations in Umuahia and Aba, Abia State, are yet to readjust their pump.

Rather, they have decided not to sell petrol which they all sold when the subsidy was completely removed last week.

Only NNPC filling stations and few major marketers were selling petrol at the N97 per litre, while other stations refused to sell.

Because of the long queues in the stations, motorists who could not exercise patience patronized black market sellers who sold to them as much as N180 and N200 per litre.

One on the attendants at Mission Hill filling stattion said they had fuel but wanted “to watch and see what the President’s directive will look like.”

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