The problem with Nigeria. by

The problem with Nigeria.
I live here in Nigeria now, by choice I might add, thankfully.
Its not a bad place to live if you are afforded the means and the oppurtunity to vacate her shores in case of a force majeure or illness or something worse.
Nigerians simply are the problem with Nigeria. The general individual prevailant attitude in Nigeria is one of dire personal survival, even at the peril of other citizens. You observe this attitude in the general populace everywhere you go in Nigeria.
Standing in a queue in a bank, driving on the street, surging with a crowd to enter a place of worship, or just being any where there is two or more people. People here are constantly jostling for position or a head up. This attitude which fosters no camraderie amongst neigbours is deeply rooted in the Nigerians psyche of get it now or loose it.
Survivability is a God given attribute and should be encouraged when done with a humanistic attitude. Our appointed leaders and politicians whom are supposed to stand as beacons of exemplary behaviour go to great extent to magnify this narcisitic scourge of a behavior by hording wealth looted at the coffers without regard to moral injunction or common sense.
The so called men and women of God has over the years converted to singing the apothesis to wealth and ostentaciousness rather than the God wisened homelitics of morality that should be thier office. Again the wanton and excessive need to survive at all cost is to blame.
My fellow Nigerians dare to do unto others as you would have done to you. this is the credo and song of change that should be ringing from our lips like a mantra. “Be the change you want


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