NADECO calls for national conference, true federalism

Secretary, NADECO, Chief Ayo Opadokun 

The National Democratic Coalition has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to convene a national conference to resolve the problems of the country.

The group, which met in Lagos on Thursday, also advocated true federalism to develop the country.

The Chairman, NADECO, Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu (retd), said such a conference had become a necessity following the challenges facing Nigeria.

Kanu said NADECO believed that a national conference would help provide solutions to the country’s socio-political and religious problems.

The former Lagos State Military Governor said, “Let it been known from all observable signals and assessments that what is being witnessed now will be a child’s play if we do not quickly hold a national conference.

“We wish not, we pray not, but it will obviously be so if we confer not.”

According to him, the crises in the country have emphasised the need for all its ethnic nationalities to discuss the way forward.

He said, “That way we will re-establish the constitutional architecture of Nigeria, allowing every group sufficient space for self and group actualisation so that we can build a nation state out of the diverse ethnic nationalities.”

Kanu alleged that those benefitting from the rot in the country had been working against the convention of a national conference.

“The truth however is that the actions of the opponents of the conference can only lead to Nigeria’s breakup,” he said.

He warned that no group should capitalise on the crisis in the country to take over governance.

Kanu also condemned the killings in the North by Boko Haram, urging the government to find solutions to the problem.

The Secretary, NADECO, Chief Ayo Opadokun, explained that the group’s re-emergence was due to appeal and pressure from various ethnic and professional groups in Nigeria.

“Besides, events in the last three months in Nigeria calls for concern and we cannot afford to fold our arms while the nation boils,” he said.

The forum was attended by pro-democracy activists including the NADECO Publicity Secretary, Mr. Tony Nnadi; Chief Wale Osun; Mr. Femi Falana; Col. Tony Nyiam (retd); Dr. Uma Eleazu; and Sen. Olabiyi Durojaiye.




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