Drogba’s mother cooks for fans


The mother of Cote d’Ivoire international Didier Drogba has been cooking for the national team supporters at a makeshift restaurant she set up near the fans’ village in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, where the Elephants are playing their Group B games.

Clotilde Drogba, who personally does the traditional home cooking of fried plantain chips, pepper soup, white rice, tomato sauce and attieke, said it was her contribution to nation at the tournament by feeding the supporters so they could have enough strength to cheer the team to final victory.

Every match day, some 60 members of the national committee of the Elephants supporters queue up with empty bowls to collect food free off charge from the mother of the most influential Ivorian player, before heading to the stands to sing and clap.

Ivory Coast sports minister Philippe Legre visited the supporters’ village early this week and handed the sum of $100 (R776) to each of the 60 men and women.

Local pundits have criticised the Ivorian authorities for sponsoring a very few number of supporters to the showpiece as opposed to other members of the group who came in with larger contingents.

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