Ojukwu: State burial or not, we know who the real patriot is, by Ekuri John

Ojukwu is a Hero. I wrote “is” and not was, because Heroes live forever.

I have read the Fredrick Forsythe book”The Making of A Legend; The Biafra Story”. I see the present case of Boko Haram to be “The Final Solution” stated in the aforementioned book.

Ojukwu was courageous and spoke out what was best for Nigeria in the prevailing climate of the pre-war years. We only shifted the rainy day that’s upon us now. I am not Ibo, but think Nigeria has just one hero in Ojukwu. Give him a state or ‘fowls’ burial, we know who the real Nigerian patriot is.

The Igbos and Nigerians in general will miss him greatly

Deserves a befitting burial, by Whyte

We have not seemed to realize the mistakes we southerners had made by jeopardizing the efforts of Ojukwu in realizing his good ideas. We should not blame any tribal groups in Nigeria. It was just lack of foresight and trust. We would not by now be going through this mess of terrorism and poverty-with average Nigerian living below 1 dollar a day.

He fought injustice, tribalism, by Osita

He was a true Nigerian that fought injustice and tribalism in the country. Ojukwu believed that Nigeria can only be if we value others no matter the tribe, culture, religion and social differences.


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