Ojukwu will be buried on 3 March 2012. My Birthday?

Gen. Ojukwu: The Poster Face of Igbo Spirit

By Ndi-Igbo Germany

Like fading pictures in a photo album, some memories remain in the mind long after time has erased details of the events. So it is for Ndiigbo with the final bye bye for our one and only Dikedioramma (beloved hero), Eze Igbo Gburu Gburu & Ikemba Nnewi – General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu. Gen. Ojukwu´s death brings back the very painful memories of the Biafra-Nigeria war to which Ndiigbo lost over one million people.

Ndiigbo fought alone with honour and with God on their side survived Nigeria and its allied forces including Britain, Russia, Egypt, etc. The fact that  we (Ndiigbo) survived  the war means that Ojukwu can not die, he lives for ever.

Odumegwu Ojukwu is a natural born leader to whom Ndiigbo enthusiastically endorse as their  leader.  If, as Shakespeare wrote, what´s past is prologue –and it often is, then Ojukwu´s political history is particularly relevant now.

Although the war ended on January 15, 1970, its no longer news that the very things which precipitated and necessitated Igbo secession have remained, nonetheless in their multiplied dimensions.

On Aburi we stand, Ojukwu´s sincerity of purpose and courage were on full display at the ABURI Conference Ghana, where he outlined a road map for Nigeria to avoid war and make progress like other countries. Nigeria instead chose the opposite. To defend his people, Ojukwu declared the state of Biafra and therefore become the poster face of Igbo spirit of self determination and never say die. One surely cannot mistake the passion and depth of Ojukwu´s appeal to our people.

Ojukwu showed competence, integrity, professionalism and a command of respect among his colleagues and distinguished him. This he demonstrated by his ability to inspire and motivate the Biafran masses, students, engineers, scientists, diplomats, technocrats  etc in a war of survival.

Odumegwu Ojukwu wrote his own tribute with the AHIARA DECLARATION and Biafran  technological break-through, unequalled on the African continent. It takes a genuine leader to tap into his people and get the best out of them.

Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, the People´s General

The Poster Face of Igbo Spirit

We Honour You

We Thank You

We Love You

Sleep Well Until We Meet To Part No More.

Nzuko Ndi-Igbo Germany
(The entire Igbo Community in Germany)

(This Tribute is written by Sab Ekeh (Journalist) based in Cologne for Ndi –Igbo Germany and sent by Chief Joe Mmeh, Co-ordinator, Gen. Ojukwu Funeral Committee, Germany)


One thought on “Ojukwu will be buried on 3 March 2012. My Birthday?”

  1. Gen.Ojukwu was my hero and will remain my hero till the end of time. He simply fought to defend and to protect the vulnerable people of Igbo in the face of aggression against them. His dream lives on, taking into account the current events taking place in Nigeria.
    Gen.Ojukwa lived ahead of his time and everything he dreamt doing for his people had been ruined by the British and they should be ashamed of themselves. Gen.Ojukwu simply won the war.Oh,how beautiful and peaceful Biafra would have been as a nation?
    People,don`t let the dream die with this great man our continent has had. Rest In Peace. I Salute You,Sir.

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