Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) Advise To “Southerners Wanting To Leave To The North Free To Go” – A Boisterous Pipe Dream

Rather than offer any reasonable solutions to the lingering security challenges bloodily confronting the nation, the recent confounding and irritating statement made by Alhaji Aliko Mohammed, Chairman, Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) to the effect that “those southerners wanting to leave the northern parts of the nation are free to go” must be seen the language of a fool talking loud in confusion.
The self deluding Arewa Consultative Forum must be told to their faces that they are actually representing no body than maggots in the cisterns of rottenness.

They are pink elephants dancing wildly in the circus of make beliefs.

Otherwise how on earth would ACF like to be taken as a serious organisation having descended so low into gutter reasoning, insulting and insubordinately giving the federal government conditions to be met “if it truly intends to dialogue with the terrorist sect”

With this type of insalubrious supportive statement to the cause of the blood drinking Dracula boko haram terrorist sect, need we look anywhere else for the wood that keep the fire burning.

Nigeria as presently constitutionally related has no north and south but a strong composition of 36 States and one federal capital, It therefore becomes apt for one to ask those in ACF where their northern Nigeria border line configuration starts from and ends.

One of the major problems situating security challenges to the nation is this pinnacle of shame parade by those drawing us back into the historical fallacies of the past where political power was got on basis of ethnicity, Hausa Igbo or Yoruba and or religious bigotry of Muslims and Christianity.

Interestingly a lot of these people in ACF loved and married southerners particularly Yoruba woman with whom they have cohabitated for years and with whom they have large numbers of children making it almost impossible to actually decide and decode whom a real northern and or southerner is.

Crude oil the economic main stay of our existence as a nation comes from the south. President Goodluck Jonathan, Commander in Chief of the armed forces is an Ijaw from the oil producing southern part of the nation.

It behoves that if those southerners now being killed and maimed in the northern part of the country by animals in human skin are to take up the advise of the paper tiger ACF, Jonathan and the crude oil would not be left behind.

Southern, sweet, beautiful looking, highly intelligent and enduring women and their children born by to the likes of Adamu Chiroma,  Ado Bayero,  Abubakar Atiku, Theophilus Danjuma, lbrahim Babangida, et al must have to come home back to us.

Fuel Subsidy, uneconomically pumping of crude oil all the way from Warri to Kaduna refinery, selling PMS at equalisation price of Naira 97 from Lagos to Abuja, Sokoto, Kano, Kaduna, Maiduguri and all over the country must also have to go in the spirit of equity and justice.

Milking the nation dry members of the ACF that can not even proffer solutions to the mirage of problems facing our peoples in the northern part of the country and a lot of whom the likes of suffering, dehumanised and deprived of rights youths would prefer to see dead for life to be better should now know where to draw their curtains on national issues.

The fact that we have too many issues of commonality gluing us together as peoples and a nation should explain why reckless tongues must be put in check for the unity of our dear country to be sustained.

Our resolve should now be for the indivisible unity of Nigeria at all cost.

Our language should now be, I am proud to be a Nigerian, one nation, one country under one God Almighty.

The entire nationhood of Nigeria, north, south, east and west, should realistically  and nationalistically be seen now joining hands and forces with the federal government to defeat our common enemies, corruption, critical mass unemployment, high rate of road accidents, mans wickedness to man and the maddening insurgent crowds called by the satanic name “boko haram”.

It should not be Goodluck Jonathan we see in front of us to attack and destroy but Nigeria our dear country to be loved, honoured, protected and defended.

Dr. Olapade Agoro (Aladura Patriarch)
Owa’Tapa of Itapa – Ijesa land
National Chairman/ former Presidential Candidate
National Action Council (NAC)


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