Director shot attempting to forcefully enter Kaduna Govt House

A Director with the Kaduna State Ministry of Information was yesterday shot by security operatives attached to the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House seat of the government, thereby causing confusion in and around Kaduna metropolis and sending speculations that the Boko Haram sect had attacked the place.

IGP  ABUBAKARThe victim, identified as Isuwa Kiforo, who is said to be the Director of Finance in the ministry, was said to have been shot by the security operatives when he attempted to force his way into the Government House, which serves as the residence and office of the governor.

Sources told The Nation that the director had come to the place, requesting to see the governor and was told by the security men that he had travelled to Abuja.

He was said to have reversed his car, giving the impression that he wanted to leave, only to attempt to force his way into the Government House, making the security operatives to open fire.

The source said he was forced to stop after the car’s rear tyres were deflated by the bullets. When he came out of the car he was hit in the stomach and leg.

The shooting of Kiforo, believed to be a pastor at the Living Faith Church in Kaduna, caused pandemonium in the metropolis as news immediately spread that unknown gunmen believed to be members of the Boko Haram had attacked the Government House.

All roads leading to the Government House were immediately cordoned off by heavily armed security men.

Our source, who is a senior government official, said the security men shot Kiforo when he refused to obey their order to stop, saying he is a director in the Ministry of Information.

“When the security men stopped him, he refused and they opened fire on him. They don’t know who he is and what his mission was. You should realise that even members of staff of the Government House go through this same security checks everyday.

“Even commissioners are not left out. You reporters, you know that anytime you come to the Government House, you pass through this same security check. No one can say why he refused to stop and so, they shot him in the leg and he was taken to the 44 Army Reference Hospital for treatment when he was identified as a worker of the state government.”

The Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Publicity, Reuben Buhari, confirmed the incident, saying, “my brother, we are in Abuja right now. But we heard what happened and I’m on my way to Kaduna. So I will get the details of what happened.

“What we heard was that the man tried to force his way into the Government House, refusing to stop when he was asked to stop. When we get the full briefing from the security people, I will get back to you.”

Officials of the 44 Army Reference Hospital located directly opposite the Government House refused journalists access to the hospital premises to speak with the victim.

Security in and around the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House seat of government in Kaduna had been tightened since the fuel subsidy strike when some youths attempted to gain entry into the Government House, and visitors to the Government House, including commissioners, permanent secretaries and appointees are subjected to security checks before being allowed into the place.



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