Must all Ex-players coach? Now You see Asia rejects certificate for Ezeugo

Former Super Eagles defender Emeka EzeugoThe coaching licence of former Super Eagles defender Emeka Ezeugo has generated controversy in the Bangladesh Premier League and may force the professional league body to review its bylaws on coaching.

The Asia Football Confederation on Sunday replied to a BFF query whether Ezeugo’s certificates are equivalent to AFC B-licence, a mandatory requirement for the participating clubs in the professional football league. The AFC informed that Ezeugo’s USSF certificate is not a UEFA-certified one which is recognised by FIFA and his Dutch certificate is also not recognised by UEFA.

“We received the reply from the AFC today (Sunday). They said that the documents regarding Emeka’s licences are not equivalent to either AFC-B or C licences,” BFF’s acting general secretary Abu Nayeem Shohag told TheDailyStar on Sunday.

According to the professional football league bylaws, participating clubs must have at least a coach with AFC B-licence certificate and the foreign coach of participating teams must have a coaching certificate equivalent to AFC-B licence.

Though coaching licence regarding the foreign coach is clearly mentioned in the bylaws, the BFF’s acting general secretary thinks that Ezeugo is eligible to stand at the dugout since Abdul Quaium, the assistant coach of Mohammedan, has an AFC B-license certificate.

“AFC B-licence is only applicable for the foreign coach if the local coaches do not have an AFC B-license. Besides, the bylaws do not mention anywhere that the head coach must have an AFC B-license certificate.

“Actually we can’t take any action against him because of the loopholes of the bylaws, but we will make sure that everything is mentioned properly in the bylaws from the next time,” said Shohag.

Ezeugo, however, said the BFF did not request from him any other licence than the one he presented.

“I don’t know where they get their information. No one has ever contacted me from BFF or from the media. They can only have issue with a licence that I gave to them and not the one they manufactured. No one has requested for my license so I have no idea where they got the licence they are talking about,” Ezeugo wrote in an e-mail to our correspondent on Monday.


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