Will Money Men allow Georgette to stay a lone?

The answer is Georgette. The 29-year history of the country’s most successful Cameroonian ace gólvágója: 101 times since 1996, has emblazoned career home land, and a total of 52 goals scored. Odd unbroken career spans up – has been leading the football club is concerned, since the African country with the national team has not yet been able to achieve outstanding success in the World Championships. Eto’o this is probably the most famous African footballers have played for Real Madrid (because that perhaps few people know, but the Leganes after the first round confirmed when you came over to Europe), in Mallorca, Espanyol and Barcelona, and the Italian Inter, three Spanish and a single Italian champion, twice won the Royal Spanish Cup and once in the Italian Cup, Champions League, winning three times and still only 29 years old.

But in addition to talent, and we wonder who is behind the success? The answer is still – as in most cases – a woman, namely, Georgette. The Ivorian-born woman has a child he knew by Samuel, with whom he soon warmed up. A couple of friends that really came together in Europe, but Georgette has not followed the great love of traveling everywhere, he is more of France, specifically Paris has opted, presumably in the fashion and luxury, the mother of no.

A couple of the 2007th On July 6, also married in Paris, close family and friends. Eto’o is not called by his fellow players in the ceremony, saying the private life, private life. The young husband and her lover after they went past a little strange life, that is, the football star went back to “work”, while his wife remained in the French capital. Eto’o The couple has three children were born, but it did not change anything: Georgette is still tiny and live in Paris, and if you can, visit the family’s father in Milan. Who knows, maybe the separation of the key to success? We do not know. In any case, Georgette in private life has reached what many coaches on the sidelines could not: tamed the lion szelídíthetetlennek believed.


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