Defying the courfew in Kadunna and Another Crisis

Fresh violence in Kaduna metropolis yesterday resulted to the loss of many lives while properties worth millions of naira were also damaged.

Signs of problem began to emerge Monday night when sounds of gunshots were heard in areas like Kakuri, Badarawa, Barnawa and other parts of the city.

Not long after residents of the city have commenced their routine businesses yesterday, news of riots in areas like Tudun Wada, Barnawa, Unguwan Shanu and other areas filtered into Kaduna metropolis. This development forced people to lock up their shops while government offices were also put under lock and key.

The desperate running for safety by residents that followed the news of the riot worsened the situation as rumour mongers seized the opportunity to spread unsubstantiated stories.

In Badarawa, Unguwan Shanu and Kawo areas of the city, where our correspondent visited, a church and a mosque were burnt down on Karaye Road and Unguwan Yaro of Badarawa area. A water vendor, who was said to have taken water into Unguwan Yaro to sell, was hacked to death.

Our correspondent also saw many cars with smashed windscreens on the Unguwan Sarki-Kawo Road. The owners of the cars had abandoned them in the middle of the road while they ran away for their dear lives. A team of Air Force personnel rescued a woman and her infant from rioting youths at the Unguwan Shanu axis of the Unguwan Sarki-Kawo road after her car was attacked by the rioters.

Reports from other areas of the city indicate that both Muslims and Christians took advantage of the riot to attack on each other, depending on which was in the majority. This led to many casualties.


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