It is Friday!!! Get ready

Friday is one day People from all works of life and especially workers will not miss out.

While some are waiting for 12am to do a night vigil in their churches, family and places of worship, others

wait till 2pm to go for Jumat prayers, The Boys and Girls are waiting for the day to break to scheme and plan

for the party, club and hang out. I hope you belongs to one on the above? Like they say make the change and

if not join the group, no one sits on the fence of life.Planing is what you owe your success.

I want to have fun Mummy
You think having fun is all about going to the club?
Try and make a dance day in your family, everybody must dance and be happy
Buy a coke and share to everybody and see your children tell their friends about the swag.
I have seen it work before. It is working for me. Try and make everybody laugh at least by your bad dance step daily.

I remember visiting a friend in Apapa last four Fridays eveing and guse what? we went to this cool joint ordered for

“Isi ewu” and a chilled Juice Bootle with a lots of Ice, wahooo (Remembering the taste and getting ready for the next move around there).

Please take your time out today. Oh did I just hear you say you are broke? come on, everybody is broke, scared and in Nigeria

So please share with us. where is the best place to be on a Friday or weekend? Please where will you be?

Is This your way? Just do me a favour make sure you laugh sha

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