Access Bank’s Female Marketer Dies Of Hypertension Over Inability To Meet 1 Trillion Naira Target In 6Months

For those in the competitive banking industry in Nigeria would know that setting targets for marketers is the order of the day. Most times, staffs’ employment confirmation are based on meeting some huge targets set by the bank to the intending employee of most banks.

In order to attract more customers, especially the highly rich businessmen and women in the society, sexy ladies and very handsome guys are employed by banks to carry out the job as marketers.

These ladies so employed as marketers are sometimes seen as bank ‘prostitutes’ because they have to device all means to woo ‘big fishes’ to the bank by being seductive enough to make an ‘Herod’ or ‘Pharoah’ change his mind.

According to reports, last week Friday, beautiful female marketer with Access Bank Business Unit at Simbiat Abiola, Ikeja, Lagos branch, Solabomi Olugbemi reportedly lost her precious life after battling with hypertension when she could not meet the target of one trillion Naira set for her and her team.

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We are never going to grow-

Why The Young Never Grow in Nigeria.
**You are the Leaders of Tomorrow!

They enjoyed their own youth and our own time, they deny us the opportunity to be a leader or even taking positions of responsibility.

Our respected Elders, see and treat us like ‘Mr Obi’, always a boy.

**ACN Chairman: Chief Bisi Akande (73) was deputy governor, later governor of the old Oyo State (Osun and Oyo) 33 years ago.

**CPC Leader: Maj Gen Mohammadu Buhari (70) was Nigerian Military Head of State, 29 years ago.

**PDP Chairman: Dr. Bamanga Tukur (77) was the Governor, Old Gongola State (Adamawa & Taraba) 33 years ago.

Yakubu Gowon was only 32 years when he was the Head of state of Nigeria.
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu was 33 years when he was Governor of Eastern Nigeria.

Today, at 30s, Nigerian youths are still taking JAMB Examination, not to mention that majority of Nigerians are still begging to apply for jobs that are not there, even when they are ‘hitting’ close to 50 years.

These men that enjoyed the best of Nigeria are today depriving us of leadership apprenticeship and positions as they continued to hold offices tight to their chest.
The even brainwashed most us to see them as mini-gods, expect us to kill or abuse anyone that do not support their aspiration or political views.
Our Future means nothing to them, as the best is meant for their children and grandchildren, while we roam the streets with cap in hand.

The question is, when will Nigerian youths wake up from their shocking sleep?
Lastly my other question to these our Elders who has sworn that the young ones will never take over the running of our the Nation’s affairs, is, when will our own leadership for Tomorrow, start? – Aliyu Bello, Oxfordshire.

Source: Hope for Nigeria.

Biafra- we want to be UN observer member for now.

A pro-Biafran group, Biafra Zionist Movement (BZM), has formally applied that Biafra be accorded the status of an observer member of the United Nations. Briefing newsmen in Enugu yesterday, President of the group, Mr. Benjamin Onwuka, said the application was submitted to the UN Security Council on August 6. Onwuka who said his group was working towards projecting Biafra to the economic community, noted that the move was the first of its kind since the struggle for an Independent State of Biafra. He disclosed that his group had also, through the African Union (AU) Secretariat in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, requested for a meeting of all AU heads of state and governments to be convened in Kampala on October 22.

Onwuka explained that with the application, the UN membership would give Biafra the recognition and support it had lacked since the republic was born on May 30, 1967. “The UN would now have the mandate and power to intervene, investigate and issue arrest against anyone who uses violence or force to kill Biafrans in their quest for self-determination.

“It would now be against international law for the Nigerian State, through its president, governors or security forces to use force to kill Biafrans either as individuals or groups.” The BZM leader disclosed that the application was based on the grounds that, “the security of life and property of the Biafran people were no longer guaranteed in the entity called Nigeria. “It is also clear that the right of the Biafran people to practice their religion and freedom of association is no longer safe and guaranteed in Nigeria.

“Therefore the people of Biafra have resolved that on November 5, 2012 we shall be re-declaring our independence and opt out of Nigeria in order that we Biafran people can guarantee and protect the Biafran peoples’ right to practice their religion without being bombed.” On the recent statement where MASSOB leader, Ralph Uwazuruike, dissociated himself from the declaration in November, Onwuka described him as one who had lost faith in the struggle. “We have information about him and his preference for Nigeria and her politics, so we are not interested in him or what he thinks. The struggle for Biafra is on and advancing; we are determined and we shall realise the dreams of our people.

Asari Speaks out

Alhaji Mujaheed Dokubo- Asari On Nigeria.
**on anti North talk: the mother of my children is Northern Fulani.
**for 55 yrs, they destroyed Nigeria, No road, no electricity, worst education standard.
**north ruled for over 40yrs, nothing to show for it in the north.
**the biggest farms in Cyprus belongs to a current Northern governor, yet his people are hungry.

Goodluck has been there for two years, and every problem since 1956 when Nigeria got self-government, 57 years today, for 55 years they have been ruling.

But only two years, he is clueless, he is dumb…so if he is clueless, with the intelligence Balewa had, Gowon had, Muritala Mohammed had, Olusegun Obasanjo had, Shagari had, Buhari had, Babangida had, Abacha had, Ernest Shonekan had, then Abudulsami Abubakar, then Obasanjo again, for 55 years, they destroyed everything. No road, no electricity, our education is the worst thing that anybody can give to us. What did they achieve?

ANTI-NORTH Accusation.
People say I am anti-north, but I have a northern Fulani wife, from Yobe State . She has children for me. My lawyer, one of the closest people to me, who handle my businesses, is a northerner from Bida.

There should be dialogue. For over 40 years, the north ruled Nigeria , but today, there is nothing to show for it in the north. The ordinary northern is poorer than any other person. I just returned from northern Cyprus , one of the biggest farms in Cyprus belongs to an incumbent governor from the north.

If that governor builds that farm in the north, will it not help the zone? They keep taking their wealth outside their region, who do they expect to come and develop their region for them? But if Goodluck attempts that kind of thing and refuses to develop and attract investment in our area, we will show him.

The arrogance of Shekau and his group is unislamic. Which President if not Goodluck, will accept somebody to tell him to become a Muslim or resign?

What kind of insult? Is that what the Prophet Sallalahualihiwassalam did? Become a Muslim or this…? That is an insult. You don’t push somebody beyond the point he can go. The insult is too much. Did you do it to Abacha, IBB? They are not
the only ones that can kill. I don’t know why they will not listen.

They are behaving like the deaf, the dumb and the blind. Death and starvation are coming to their house, yet they are showing arrogance. Let nothing happen to Goodluck, because if anything happens to him, the world will know.

The easiest way to solve the problem is to convocate a national dialogue where we will all sit down and talk. But if we continue to postpone it, we are only postponing the doomsday because as the attacks continue in the North, and if they continue to kill the Igbos, one day, one mad Igbo man will get up and say enough is enough, and he will go to Ama Hausa (Hausa Community) in Enugu, Owerri, Aba and in all the Igboland and attack and kill innocent northerners. Then, there will be reprisal this way and that way.

Then, Goodluck will not be able to hold anybody again. If they see any Ijaw man to kill in the North, maybe a Police Officer, Immigration or Customs or Managerial staff in NNPC in the North, but if Ijaw people decide to kill Northerners, every major household in the North will cry because in Bonny Island alone, all the prominent Northern families are there in LNG and in other oil companies there.

I can go home today and ask them to close up Bonny Island and the place will be closed. There will be no way for anybody to escape and they will all be killed. If that happens, the cream of majority of North in the oil and gas business will be affected. So what we are saying is that it is the north that needs peace more than us. We have the resources in our hand, even the presidency is in our hands now, so they are the ones that need peace.

And everybody must impress it on them that they need peace. This road they are going will not help them. They say he who the gods want to destroy, they first make him deaf. So, the north must understand they need peace more than any other person. We can live together but we need to sit down and dialogue.

This arrogance will not help them. They see the truth and refuse to say it. The north should ask their leaders: the IBBs, Buharis, Abdusalamis and all of them, what did they do at the period they were ruling? Why did they fail to develop the North? So, what I am trying to say is that Goodluck must convoke a national conference whether he likes it or not.

This is the truth that they have not learnt. People will pay VAT in Lagos , and you will share the VAT from Lagos in Yobe. Then somebody says he does not drink alcohol. It is haram to drink alcohol, to buy alcohol, to receive proceed from alcohol. So, everybody in the north has been eating haram. VAT from alcohol is being distributed. Why? Is that justice? So, please, let us sit down and talk.

There is need for national discourse. It is only by sitting down and dialoguing that we can find solution to our problem. In the North, they should set up Neighborhood Vigilante and make sure that this Vigilante protects the people: the Church, the Mosques and palaces of the traditional rulers. Because, the people throwing bombs are human beings like them. – vanguard news.


Financial Accountant – Standard Chartered Securities

Job Description

• Production of IFRS compliant financial statements reports of SCS Nigeria & Cherroots Nigeria.
• Co-ordination of audit of the financial statements by SCS N & Cheroots auditors
• Production of Management accounts in accordance with the SCB group standards and procedures, and other regulatory authorities’ requirements.
• Actively manage all costs line with the budgets, and SCB policies.
• Preparation of Regulatory Financial reports.
• Preparation of Financial Reports for Board meetings.
• Monitoring Regulatory ratios and compliance guidelines with regulators and give advance warnings on ratio’s that may move out or events leading to non compliance.
• Maintenance of an efficient and integrated accounting system with appropriate internal financial controls.
• To undertake periodic self-assessment on key controls to assess the proper functioning and adequacy of existing controls.
• Assist in co-ordinating, facilitating and promoting understanding of operational risk and in implementation and management of OR within the Department and in respect of SCS SA.
• Provide SCB N Finance Department support as required – will be further expanded when finalised.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

1.General Ledger Reconciliation’s and Controls
• Reconciliation of the SCS N & Cheroots GL accounts on monthly basis and attend to the action items during the same month.
• Responsible for maintaining general and sub – ledgers for SCS N & Cheroots on a timely basis and in a professional manner.
2. Management Accounting
• Preparation of multi- currency management accounts on a monthly basis.
3. Statutory Reports
• Overall responsibility for the preparation of annual IFRS compliant financial statements for SCS N & Cheroots on a timely basis.
• Co-ordinate audit of SCS N & Cheroots financial statements.
• Responsibility for preparation of tax computation, for co-ordination of review with Outsourced Tax Consultants for income tax,
• Preparation of Quarterly and Annual SEC returns,
• Prepare, file and remit VAT, WHT, PAYE and all statutory returns on timely basis at all times.
4. Budgets and Forecast.
• Prepare budgets SCS N & Cheroots Budgets.
• Preparation of forecasts for SCS N.
5. Cross Border Recharges and Payments.
• Ensure that Payments are supported by appropriate documentation before payment is made and that long outstanding CBRs are escalated to the CFO.
6.Operational Risk Management
• To report unit’s OR issues and losses to UORM
• To assist UORM in developing and updating of procedures, controls and monitoring plans for Operational Risk Management.
• Act as OR financial coordinator for the SCS N & Cheroots.
• To adhere to the agreed KCSA plans and approach
• To identify and report all exceptions on non compliance with standard controls
• To identify and report all weaknesses inherent in the standard controls
• To maintain proper record keeping on all KCSA related activities.
• RP for SCS N Finance, when unavailable.
• To maintain independence in the conduct of KCSA, i.e. not selecting and reviewing sample of self-performed transactions
7. Entity Administration
• Implementation of SCB Policies
• Co-ordinate Implementation of SCB Financial systems, PSGL and appropriate TP systems.
• Assist with Development “End of Day” plans for SCS N, co-ordinate the SCS N aspects of the plan.

Qualifications & Skills

• Degree in business field, ACA, ACCA, CPA or similar.
• Hands on experience in working in a computerized accounting environment
• Experience in business management.
• Experience in preparing Statutory Financial Statements in line with IFRS is an absolute pre-requisite.
• Experience in working in a multi currency finance/banking environment.
• Ability to interface at Senior Management level
• Experience in dealing with administrative issues
• Good interpersonal and communication skills
• Ability to develop and sustain teamwork
• Willing to work flexible working hours is a pre-requisite.
• High level management and analytical skills
• Experience in financial services sector preferred
• Ability to work unsupervised
• Self-starter

In compliance with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Act of 2004, all applicants should ensure that they have completed the mandatory NYSC programme. A discharge certificate will be required as evidence of completion of the programme. Where an exemption has been granted, a certificate of exemption will also be required.

Diversity & Inclusion

Standard Chartered is committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe that a work environment which embraces diversity will enable us to get the best out of the broadest spectrum of people to sustain strong business performance and competitive advantage. By building an inclusive culture, each employee can develop a sense of belonging, and have the opportunity to maximise their personal potential.

Company Description

Standard Chartered PLC is a leading international bank, listed on the London, Hong Kong and Mumbai stock exchanges. It has operated for over 150 years in some of the world’s most dynamic markets and earns more than 90 per cent of its income and profits in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This geographic focus and commitment to developing deep relationships with clients and customers has driven the Bank’s growth in recent years.

With 1,700 offices in 70 markets, Standard Chartered offers exciting and challenging international career opportunities for around 85,000 staff. It is committed to building a sustainable business over the long term and is trusted worldwide for upholding high standards of corporate governance, social responsibility, environmental protection and employee diversity. The Bank’s heritage and values are expressed in its brand promise, Here for good.

Additional Information

August 2, 2012
Not Applicable
Banking, Financial Services, Investment Banking 
Employer Job ID:343015
Job ID:                 3493522
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Since My Father is a Witch, Let him Die first- Pastor kills father and uncle

The police in Ebonyi State have arrested a 22-year-old man, Udoka Onwe, for allegedly killing his 60-year-old father, Mr. Peter Onwe, and uncle, Mr. James Elum, 52, in Umuogodo-Akpu Ngbo in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of the state.

Our correspondent gathered that upon interrogation by the police, Onwe , who is the founder and pastor at Christ Rimites Church, confessed to killing his father and uncle on the suspicion that they were wizards who wanted to use occult means to kill him.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr. Sylvester Igbo, who confirmed the incident, said the alleged murder was carried out on Thursday, around 5am.

Igbo said the matter was reported at Ohaukwu Police Station by a woman, Mrs. Onyemaechi Onwe, from Umuogodo-Akpu Ngbo village in the area.

Pastor kills father, uncle in Abakaliki

He said as soon as investigation was completed, the suspect would be charged to court.

He said, “This morning (Thursday), around 5am, a case of murder was reported at Ohaukwu Police Station by a woman, Mrs. Onyemaechi Onwe, from Umuogodo-Akpu Ngbo village in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of the state.

“She reported that one Udoka Onwe, male, 22 years, murdered his father and uncle. The suspect has a church called Christ Rimites Church and when he was asked the reason he murdered his father and uncle, he said that they were wizards and that they wanted to kill him.

“He has been arrested and he is still with the police. The corpses of the deceased have been taken to Ngbo General Hospital mortuary where an autopsy is expected to be carried out on the bodies.”

Do you think the pastor was right or should he have waited to have evidence first?

Source: Punch