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Who said I will probe Obasanjo

President Goodluck Jonathan and former President Olusegun Obasanjo

President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday said contrary to media reports, he had no intention of probing the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Jonathan made the clarification in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati.

He said he was constrained to state again that there was no truth in reports on Saturday, that he intends to probe the Obasanjo administration because of the former President’s constant criticisms of the Federal Government.

He said rather than probing Obasanjo, he remained fully focused on the tasks of ensuring peace, security and stability across the country in order to create the right conditions for rapid socio-economic development.

The President said he would not be distracted from this objective by attempts to drive a wedge between him, respected elders and leaders of his party.

The statement read in part, “The President has nothing but the greatest respect for Obasanjo’s very notable contributions to national growth and development over many years and far from taking offence or seeking retaliation, will always welcome objective criticisms and advice from the very highly-regarded elder statesman.

“What is more, President Jonathan regards his administration as a continuation of the unbroken chain of PDP-led governments started by Obasanjo in 1999 which have worked tirelessly to entrench democratic governance and achieve rapid socio-economic growth in the country.

“Rather than order a pointless probe of his predecessors, he will continue to do his utmost best to build on the solid foundations for national progress laid under previous PDP administrations.

“Speculations and suggestions of an impending probe of the Obasanjo administration by President Jonathan are therefore nonsensical and should be dismissed by all right-thinking Nigerians as the product of the fertile imagination of mischievous political jobbers.”



We are never going to grow-

Why The Young Never Grow in Nigeria.
**You are the Leaders of Tomorrow!

They enjoyed their own youth and our own time, they deny us the opportunity to be a leader or even taking positions of responsibility.

Our respected Elders, see and treat us like ‘Mr Obi’, always a boy.

**ACN Chairman: Chief Bisi Akande (73) was deputy governor, later governor of the old Oyo State (Osun and Oyo) 33 years ago.

**CPC Leader: Maj Gen Mohammadu Buhari (70) was Nigerian Military Head of State, 29 years ago.

**PDP Chairman: Dr. Bamanga Tukur (77) was the Governor, Old Gongola State (Adamawa & Taraba) 33 years ago.

Yakubu Gowon was only 32 years when he was the Head of state of Nigeria.
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu was 33 years when he was Governor of Eastern Nigeria.

Today, at 30s, Nigerian youths are still taking JAMB Examination, not to mention that majority of Nigerians are still begging to apply for jobs that are not there, even when they are ‘hitting’ close to 50 years.

These men that enjoyed the best of Nigeria are today depriving us of leadership apprenticeship and positions as they continued to hold offices tight to their chest.
The even brainwashed most us to see them as mini-gods, expect us to kill or abuse anyone that do not support their aspiration or political views.
Our Future means nothing to them, as the best is meant for their children and grandchildren, while we roam the streets with cap in hand.

The question is, when will Nigerian youths wake up from their shocking sleep?
Lastly my other question to these our Elders who has sworn that the young ones will never take over the running of our the Nation’s affairs, is, when will our own leadership for Tomorrow, start? – Aliyu Bello, Oxfordshire.

Source: Hope for Nigeria.

Asari Speaks out

Alhaji Mujaheed Dokubo- Asari On Nigeria.
**on anti North talk: the mother of my children is Northern Fulani.
**for 55 yrs, they destroyed Nigeria, No road, no electricity, worst education standard.
**north ruled for over 40yrs, nothing to show for it in the north.
**the biggest farms in Cyprus belongs to a current Northern governor, yet his people are hungry.

Goodluck has been there for two years, and every problem since 1956 when Nigeria got self-government, 57 years today, for 55 years they have been ruling.

But only two years, he is clueless, he is dumb…so if he is clueless, with the intelligence Balewa had, Gowon had, Muritala Mohammed had, Olusegun Obasanjo had, Shagari had, Buhari had, Babangida had, Abacha had, Ernest Shonekan had, then Abudulsami Abubakar, then Obasanjo again, for 55 years, they destroyed everything. No road, no electricity, our education is the worst thing that anybody can give to us. What did they achieve?

ANTI-NORTH Accusation.
People say I am anti-north, but I have a northern Fulani wife, from Yobe State . She has children for me. My lawyer, one of the closest people to me, who handle my businesses, is a northerner from Bida.

There should be dialogue. For over 40 years, the north ruled Nigeria , but today, there is nothing to show for it in the north. The ordinary northern is poorer than any other person. I just returned from northern Cyprus , one of the biggest farms in Cyprus belongs to an incumbent governor from the north.

If that governor builds that farm in the north, will it not help the zone? They keep taking their wealth outside their region, who do they expect to come and develop their region for them? But if Goodluck attempts that kind of thing and refuses to develop and attract investment in our area, we will show him.

The arrogance of Shekau and his group is unislamic. Which President if not Goodluck, will accept somebody to tell him to become a Muslim or resign?

What kind of insult? Is that what the Prophet Sallalahualihiwassalam did? Become a Muslim or this…? That is an insult. You don’t push somebody beyond the point he can go. The insult is too much. Did you do it to Abacha, IBB? They are not
the only ones that can kill. I don’t know why they will not listen.

They are behaving like the deaf, the dumb and the blind. Death and starvation are coming to their house, yet they are showing arrogance. Let nothing happen to Goodluck, because if anything happens to him, the world will know.

The easiest way to solve the problem is to convocate a national dialogue where we will all sit down and talk. But if we continue to postpone it, we are only postponing the doomsday because as the attacks continue in the North, and if they continue to kill the Igbos, one day, one mad Igbo man will get up and say enough is enough, and he will go to Ama Hausa (Hausa Community) in Enugu, Owerri, Aba and in all the Igboland and attack and kill innocent northerners. Then, there will be reprisal this way and that way.

Then, Goodluck will not be able to hold anybody again. If they see any Ijaw man to kill in the North, maybe a Police Officer, Immigration or Customs or Managerial staff in NNPC in the North, but if Ijaw people decide to kill Northerners, every major household in the North will cry because in Bonny Island alone, all the prominent Northern families are there in LNG and in other oil companies there.

I can go home today and ask them to close up Bonny Island and the place will be closed. There will be no way for anybody to escape and they will all be killed. If that happens, the cream of majority of North in the oil and gas business will be affected. So what we are saying is that it is the north that needs peace more than us. We have the resources in our hand, even the presidency is in our hands now, so they are the ones that need peace.

And everybody must impress it on them that they need peace. This road they are going will not help them. They say he who the gods want to destroy, they first make him deaf. So, the north must understand they need peace more than any other person. We can live together but we need to sit down and dialogue.

This arrogance will not help them. They see the truth and refuse to say it. The north should ask their leaders: the IBBs, Buharis, Abdusalamis and all of them, what did they do at the period they were ruling? Why did they fail to develop the North? So, what I am trying to say is that Goodluck must convoke a national conference whether he likes it or not.

This is the truth that they have not learnt. People will pay VAT in Lagos , and you will share the VAT from Lagos in Yobe. Then somebody says he does not drink alcohol. It is haram to drink alcohol, to buy alcohol, to receive proceed from alcohol. So, everybody in the north has been eating haram. VAT from alcohol is being distributed. Why? Is that justice? So, please, let us sit down and talk.

There is need for national discourse. It is only by sitting down and dialoguing that we can find solution to our problem. In the North, they should set up Neighborhood Vigilante and make sure that this Vigilante protects the people: the Church, the Mosques and palaces of the traditional rulers. Because, the people throwing bombs are human beings like them. – vanguard news.


Police arrest 7 fake pastors over sham deliverance

…parade security guard, 8 other suspected robbers
LOKOJA—Kogi State Police Command has paraded seven persons for allegedly posing as bishop, pastors and prophets during a revival programme in Lokoja, capital of Kogi State.

Those paraded include Bishop Bamidele Abraham of Eagle Kingdom Church, Lokoja and Pastors Chucks Ingalis Kelvin, Chinedu Okosisi, Samson Prince, Osita Chuckwu, Samuel Ike and Nnenanaya Anthony Ikechukwu. They were said to have come from Port Harcourt, Rivers State into Lokoja.

State Commissioner of Police, Muhammed Kastina who paraded the suspects said they were arrested while conducting ‘deliverance’ for people at a revival programme organised by one of them in Lokoja.

According to Muhammed, Bishop Bamidele who is the pastor-in-charge of Eagle Kingdom Church, Lokoja was said to have contacted Pastor Chuks from Port Har-court to help raise money for his book launch.

Sources said Chucks, who was an expert in such ventures came with members of his team, some of who acted like mermaid; deaf and dumb persons while others claimed to have been afflicted with other sicknesses during the revival to sway the sympathy of those in attendance.

However, a member of the congregation who felt uncomfortable with the way the pastors were conducting the deliverance, reported them to the police which moved in swiftly and arrested the suspects.

One of the suspects, Pastor Chuks, however defended his action saying, “This is not robbery, its pure professionalism. Every profession has its own way of surviving. The police have their own way, the lawyers have their own way; even you journalists have your own way; what I did is pure business and survival instinct.’’

Also, Pastor Osita Chukwu who posed as mermaid said she was promised N16, 000 while leaving Port Harcout to Lokoja but they only got N1, 000 pending the conclusion of the botched revival programme.

Meanwhile, Lagos State Police Command Tuesday paraded a nine-man syndicate of suspected armed robbers, including a security guard and his two brothers. The gang allegedly stole exotic vehicles from the employer of the security guard and sold the vehicles for N10 million.

The vehicles, which have been recovered by the police were a Fortune SRS Jeep and four 2011 Toyota Camry cars, stolen from an Indian company in Lagos.

The state command’s spokesperson, DSP Ngozi Briade disclosed that the vehicles were recovered from Ikot-Ekpene, Akwa-Ibom State, by detectives attached to the Lagos State Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, led by SP Abba Kyari.

According to her, the incident, which occurred on May 19, was reported at the Area ‘J’ Command, Lekki, by the management of the company before it was transferred to SARS.

Briade said the security guard, who allegedly masterminded the operation, connived with his brothers, who later co-opted others that stole the vehicles and disposed of them to a receiver in Akwa-Ibom State.

The police spokesperson, however, disclosed that the vehicles were recovered in batches following the confessional statements of the suspects, adding that the suspects were in police custody, except one who was currently receiving treatment in a hospital.

She said the suspects would be charged to court for robbery as soon as investigation was concluded.

However, Vidani, while expressing happiness over the outstanding performance of the Police, stated that he was amazed about how the police was able to recover the vehicles and arrest the suspects within a short time.

The Indian businessman observed that the Nigeria Police could do much more, if given the necessary support and logistics.

Defying the courfew in Kadunna and Another Crisis

Fresh violence in Kaduna metropolis yesterday resulted to the loss of many lives while properties worth millions of naira were also damaged.

Signs of problem began to emerge Monday night when sounds of gunshots were heard in areas like Kakuri, Badarawa, Barnawa and other parts of the city.

Not long after residents of the city have commenced their routine businesses yesterday, news of riots in areas like Tudun Wada, Barnawa, Unguwan Shanu and other areas filtered into Kaduna metropolis. This development forced people to lock up their shops while government offices were also put under lock and key.

The desperate running for safety by residents that followed the news of the riot worsened the situation as rumour mongers seized the opportunity to spread unsubstantiated stories.

In Badarawa, Unguwan Shanu and Kawo areas of the city, where our correspondent visited, a church and a mosque were burnt down on Karaye Road and Unguwan Yaro of Badarawa area. A water vendor, who was said to have taken water into Unguwan Yaro to sell, was hacked to death.

Our correspondent also saw many cars with smashed windscreens on the Unguwan Sarki-Kawo Road. The owners of the cars had abandoned them in the middle of the road while they ran away for their dear lives. A team of Air Force personnel rescued a woman and her infant from rioting youths at the Unguwan Shanu axis of the Unguwan Sarki-Kawo road after her car was attacked by the rioters.

Reports from other areas of the city indicate that both Muslims and Christians took advantage of the riot to attack on each other, depending on which was in the majority. This led to many casualties.